Real-World Evidence

Real-World Evidence

Pharmaceutical organisations need real-world evidence to demonstrate to regulatory agencies and payers that their products are not only safe, but effective.

Real-world (pragmatic) and hybrid studies are a good way to combine the collection of retrospective and prospective data including primary or secondary sources of real-world evidence.

At Ignite Data we are expert in the design and delivery of real-world or hybrid studies that aim to result in high quality data, collected in a rapid and cost-efficient manner.

Our team has a proven methodology for digitally extracting data from primary- and secondary-care which can then be managed and combined with multiple additional sources such as patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and relevant claims databases.

This is all complimented and accelerated by our sophisticated patient identification and consenting service, which allows us to contact thousands of patients digitally and ethically through their direct healthcare team, using electronic health records.

These elements are combined in a fully-managed service to produce the real-world evidence you need:


EHR evidence generation though regular secure extracts across the UK


Assessing the real-world patient perspective to demonstrate product value


Find and consent large volumes of patient through their EHR


Combining the evidence from various sources and making it available for analysis