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Ignite is an IG Toolkit and ISO27001 registered company that works with a range of organisations involved in clinical research to securely and ethically recruit patients onto studies, and in some cases to explicitly consent those patients to extract their data for Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies or database projects.

This secure, NHS ethics-approved process involves anonymously identifying protocol-aligned patients through technology and data at the GP Practice.

Secure, easy and fast systems are then used for communicating with patients.

GP Practice Assurance

Ignite can provide assurance that throughout this process no one outside of the GP Practice sees any Patient Identifiable Data (PID), unless the patient has explicitly consented for that to happen for use in a Real-World Evidence (RWE) study or database project.

The GP Practice always retains full control of how data is used and can opt out of any project at any stage.

GP Practice Assurance

Patient Recruitment Process

Ignite’s Patient Recruitment process has been designed specifically to reduce workload at the GP Practice, whilst generating new revenue and providing benefits to patients.

The process involves the following:

  1. Search. Once consent is gained from the GP Practice, a secure automated search for protocol-aligned patients is performed on the patient records.
  2. Review. This search generates a local list of relevant patients at the GP Practice for review and upload into a secure NHS-approved communication system.
  3. Send. An NHS Ethics-approved communication is sent to patients.
  4. Contact. Interested patients contact Ignite’s Call Screening team directly.
  5. Reimburse. GP Practices are reimbursed in accordance with NIHR guidelines for their involvement in research projects.

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