Ignite Data Ecosystem

Our powerful and unique model has 3 elements (Technology, Network, Processes) that are equally critical for successful project delivery:


We combine powerful in-house technology with knowledge and services from extensive industry partnerships to access and manage data across all UK healthcare settings.

Ignite Intelligence: a powerful self-service Business Intelligence platform containing nearly 1 billion rows of UK healthcare-related ‘big data’ designed primarily for site selection and visualising anonymous patient-level data.

Industry Partnerships: we work with a comprehensive range of software and healthcare organisations so we can provide clients with an impartial and technology agnostic view of this complex and ever-changing space. These insights are used to shape bespoke solutions for accessing specific patients and/or data on a project-by-project basis.


To reap maximum benefit from this technology it is essential to have networks of healthcare facilities on the ground to implement it.

Our highly-experienced Study Support Team nurtures effective relationships with GP Practices, CCGs and NHS Trusts throughout the UK, engaging their support for projects and formalising their involvement through digital contracts.


Our team has developed a deep understanding of many clinical research processes and the ways technology can enhance them.

Central to this are complex Information Governance and ethical considerations which are a veritable minefield for the unwary.