Ignite Data Named as a Game Changer in the Thames Valley for 2017

The Thames Valley is rich in established, mature tech-based businesses – that’s clear. What about the young start-ups; the unsung heroes that are working to innovate and grow here? ConnectTVT was launched in June 2014 to draw attention to the inspiring business in our area.

Ignite Data is delighted to be named of ConnectTVT’s 2017 #50Changers in the Thames Valley.

What makes a Game Changer?

It’s all well and good us telling you that we’ve been named game-changers, but what does it really mean?

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This list is made up of more than high-turnover companies, it’s more than the fastest growing companies in our area; it’s a group of companies championing and pushing for change.

At Ignite Data we’re working to design and deliver smarter research solutions; we want to change the way the pharma industry does research. That’s no small feat, but we’re really making headway. We’re working with global pharma to use technology to identify, streamline and automate inefficient business processes, ultimately we’re saving our clients time, energy and money.

Dan explains, “it’s our core belief that studies of all types can be enhanced through better application of technology and eSourced data. This concept is relatively new and we believe our approach is very powerful and different to others in this space. You have to keep innovating to stay ahead so we’re constantly looking at how we can tweak and improve the process.

Without a strong team behind us this wouldn’t have been possible. We’d like to thank each and every one of our team of 20 for helping us get the recognition from ConnectTVT that we deserve. Here’s to another year of being game changers!

Find out more about the game changers programme, and who else is pushing for change in the Thames Valley in ConnectTVT’s booklet below.