Case Study

RWE, COPD & Asthma IGNITE Real-World Data

Real-World Evidence (RWE) Study

The Brief

A global top 10 pharmaceutical company needed a streamlined approach to recruit patients and collect ongoing Electronic Health Record (EHR), Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) and healthcare utilisation data from COPD and asthma patients for a major real-world evidence project. The study design required many thousands of patients to be consented and monitored over multiple years.

IGNITE DATA were tasked with delivering a study which utilised a light-touch, technology-driven model designed to minimise the impact on sites.

IGNITE DATA’s Approach

IGNITE DATA’s approach was to combine their innovative Patient Recruitment solution with a remote data acquisition strategy.

This innovative model enabled IGNITE DATA to quickly engage sites, produce targeted searches and contact the right patients for consent. Once informed consent was gained, remote data collection was begun utilising the latest healthcare technologies. Due to the patient demographics, certain traditional elements such as paper PRO questionnaires were used for this study, instead of digital delivery. IGNITE DATA also continue to operate a helpline to deal with any patient enquiries.

All investigator training was completed remotely and the impact to each site was minimal. Finally, Electronic Health Record (EHR) extracts are being combined with Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) and healthcare utilisation data to build a unique dataset for epidemiological analysis.


  • A large, complex ongoing study, running over many years.
  • 50 UK sites participating with recruitment forecast in the thousands.
  • IGNITE DATA’s remote model facilitated a very streamlined and cost-efficient study.