Case Study

Phase IV, COPD: Patient Recruitment Strategy

Phase IV, COPD: Patient Recruitment Strategy

The Brief

A global top-10 pharmaceutical company was about to begin a European study into their newly licensed treatment for patients with COPD.

Ignite were engaged in a patient recruitment strategy project, to gather data on patient populations in different locations in order to allow the client to develop a robust recruitment strategy.

IGNITE DATA’s Approach

IGNITE DATA’s approach was to produce a detailed report driven by a consistent data sampling methodology.

By developing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) search which matched the study patient criteria, Ignite were able to hone in on the true patient volumes with no variability in results due to differing search structures or speculation.

This differed from traditional retrospective database solutions as Ignite were targeting all sites within a given travel radius of recruiting centres and were not limited by existing networks.

IGNITE DATA also collected data on site readiness for research to further enhance the information collected.


  • An accurate and representative report on the precise patient populations in specific UK regions that was used to drive robust recruitment pipeline analysis.
  • An objective dataset which looked at patient populations and specific site readiness for research.
  • Illustrative models driven by the dataset to analyse multiple recruitment scenarios.