Case Study

Phase I, Psoriasis: IGNITE Patient Recruitment

Phase I, Psoriasis: IGNITE Patient Recruitment

Patient Recruitment

A global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) approached IGNITE DATA with a patient recruitment need for their Phase I studies.

While most first-in-human studies require healthy volunteers, there is a growing trend for ‘complex-healthy’ patients who are mostly healthy but have common conditions such as Asthma. As these patients are more challenging to recruit Ignite were called on to offer their Patient Recruitment service as a solution.

IGNITE DATA’s Approach

IGNITE DATA’s approach was to begin scoping a fixed network of GP Practices around the Early Phase Unit, whilst also building bespoke Electronic Health Record (EHR) searches to find these unique patients.

IGNITE DATA’s remote Study Support Team rapidly consented sites and identified protocol-aligned patients before working with each site to process patient communications regarding the research opportunity.

IGNITE DATA’s team provided NHS ethics support including ‘boilerplate’ documentation to make the process as quick and easy as possible for the client.



  • An initial 243 sites were contacted letting them know about the initiative.
  • 22 sites signed-up for the first round of engagement.
  • Patient communications attracting a response rate of over 5%, which drove the patient pipeline and randomisation rate.