Case Study

Patient Recruitment: Pharma, Difficult Study

Patient Recruitment: Pharma, Difficult Study

The Brief

Ignite were approached by a small pharmaceutical company developing a product in Multiple Sclerosis who believed they had reached saturation using the traditional Patient Recruitment methods.

With limited time remaining for the study Ignite were tasked with helping to find the final few patients.

The initial patient population was extremely limited, which was exacerbated by extremely strict eligibility criteria.

Ignite’s Approach

Ignite’s approach utilised their technology-enhanced Patient Recruitment solution to build an Electronic Health Record (EHR) search to find these ‘needles in the haystack’.

Due to the strict eligibility criteria a combination of condition and prescribing codes were used to pick out possible matches. Ignite then contacted these patients, inviting them to contact their in-house Call Screening team, who ran through initial screening questions before passing onto a Healthcare Professional (HCP) for final opinion.

If the patient passed each of these stages they were referred to a recruiting centre for final screening and randomisation.


  • Ignite’s rigorous call screening helped reduce the burden on local research centres.
  • The patient searches enabled access to an untapped patient population ‘in the community’ that had not been easily accessible through secondary-care.
  • Multiple new referrals and randomisations helped push the study to a successful conclusion.